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Tofisern 100mg (Tofisopam)


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What is Tofisopam?

Tofisopam is an anti-anxiety drug but does not cause sedation, drowsiness, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant, does not impair psychomotor or intellectual. Tofisopam has mild stimulant properties and helps to regulate the vegetative symptoms of anxiety disorders, has low toxicity, mild side effects and does not cause mental or physical dependence. Order Tofisopam Online

Indications for the use of Tofisopam Indications for the use of Tofisopam include:
Anxiety Depression Autonomic nervous disorders Symptomatic treatment of pseudo-angina pectoris Medical diseases, accompanying anxiety relief For the treatment of gynecological diseases, mental disorders and vegetative treatment in chronic alcohol withdrawal syndrome, Tofisopam can relieve the vegetative and excitatory symptoms in delirium states. Use of grandaxin tablets when muscle relaxants are contraindicated in cases of myopathy, myasthenia gravis, or neuromuscular atrophy. Mild mental disorders such as mild to moderate anxiety, lack of motivation, stress, inactivity, fatigue, apathy, neurasthenia, sexual impairment, depression In addition to the above uses, the drug Tofisopam may also be used to treat certain other conditions not listed above. Therefore, before taking the drug, consult your doctor for advice and effective use of the drug.

Usage & Dosage

Tofisopam is made in the form of tablets, so it can be used on an empty stomach or on an empty stomach. You should take the medicine with a full glass of water to avoid stomach irritation. Dosage of Tofisopam will depend on the condition and age of the patient. The recommended dosage is 50-100mg of the drug in 1-3 divided doses a day.
Use Tofisopam regularly to get the most benefit from it. To use this medicine safely, take Tofisopam exactly as directed by your doctor, do not use more, smaller or longer than prescribed. Absolutely do not abuse the drug for too long for a long time or arbitrarily increase the dose of the drug. Because this not only makes the condition worse, but also increases the risk of unwanted effects.

Side Effects

Some unwanted effects that may occur when using Tofisopam include:
For the digestive system: nausea, vomiting, constipation, flatulence, dry mouth, cholestatic jaundice For the nervous system Central: headache, feeling of tension, agitation, agitation, insomnia,… Skin: skin rash, erythematous rash, pruritus Respiratory system: respiratory failure Musculoskeletal system: myalgia, Muscle tension Before prescribing medication, doctors always weigh the benefits and effects of Tofisopam more than the risk of side effects. However, some cases when taking Tofisopam can still occur unwanted effects. Therefore, when there are unusual signs after taking the drug, especially when a severe allergic reaction occurs with accompanying signs such as difficulty breathing, severe dizziness, swelling, rash or itching of the face, throat, tongue,… In this case, the patient should immediately notify the medical staff for immediate intervention.

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Tofisopam 100mg

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